PETROLINE Organic Antifreeze Fluid 10% | Green Colour | Summer Coolant | Protection down to -5°C

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Product Description:

Cooling Fluid (Summer) Antifreeze (Winter) PETROLINE 100% Organic in Green Colour | Protection down to -5ºC.

100% Organic Fluid of a new generation, which in its composition includes exclusively organic additives of excellent quality that provide the cooling circuit with a magnificent protection according to standards up to -5ºC.

With this new formulation, a fluid of great durability is achieved that preserves the maximum anti-corrosive properties, avoids the formation of deposits and increases the thermal transfer capacity in the cooling circuit. It is basically a 10% concentrated antifreeze with a monoethylene glycol base and other freezing point depressants, a package of anti-corrosion, anti-foam, anti-rust, anti-rust, algaecide and bactericide additives, free of amines, phosphates, nitrites and silicates.

Thanks to all its components it avoids the breakdowns typical of other products of lower quality.



Packaging Format:

5 Litres

Other Specifications:

Consult your trusted mechanic and the vehicle owner's manual to check if this oil actually corresponds to your car.

Antifreeze fluids are distinguished by different colours. The most common are green, orange, yellow, blue and pink. However, this clue can be misleading because each brand uses a different colour code. Always rely on the vehicle manufacturer's manual or the type indicated on the car's expansion tank.

Does not evaporate during use

Can be used all year round in a clean and well-maintained circuit.

Non-corrosive to aluminium and its alloys and to metals normally used in engines and cooling systems.

Defoamer in cooling systems that are not contaminated by combustion gases.

Protects against boiling and the consequent pressure increase in closed circuits

All additives contained in it are of low toxicity

High boiling point gives excellent protection against cavitation.

Replacement every 2 years is recommended.

Product safety:

This product is subject to specific safety instructions and warnings.

May cause long-term adverse effects on the environment.

Contains sensitising substances | May cause allergic reaction | Always read the label and biocide information before use | Handle this product with care | Do not dispose of as it causes long term adverse effects on the environment | Collection points are available for the correct treatment of these fluids | Collection points are available for the correct treatment of these fluids | Collection points are available for the correct treatment of these fluids

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