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Besides the mechanics, electronics allows the car works. As we know, the car is still the favourite option for transport. For daily use or holidays, car is the vehicles king. Because that, it's necessary to take care of its components in order to guarantee it age well.

Auto mechanichs are a wide quantity of elements and, for that, it requires some exhaustives inspections. Depending on the use of our car, wear could change. Nowadays, we should pay attention to our car mechanics.

What must I take into account when I inspect my car ?

Refrigeration system

This system, in joint action with other elements with hydraulic pumps, electrofans and fan straps must be checked and replace every two years in order to avoid engine damages, as well as protect the engine from corrosion.


Oil is an essential engine lubricant which avoids its wear and friction against other elements. In this sense, particle filter and oil level should be checked regularly for a correct maintenance.

Clutch and transmission

Transmission system is what allows the wheels to advance. The main element is the clutch, what allows the engine to connect with the wheels through the shift box and the differential. In case of wear or failure of this part, the transmission will suffer.

Where can I find mechanics replacements ?

In Veramauto we trade with a wide selection of new parts for your car mechanics. You may find some products in our catalogue such as: chains kit, hydraulic assisted direction pumps, transmissions, leaks, catalysts and particle filter, rubber and metal replacementes... among many other replacements.

New replacements: Filter cover, Chains reparation kit, Crankshaft pulley, Strap tensor, EGR Valve, Cooler, Silenblock, Transmission Support, Hydraulic pump, tank, air conditioning compressor, thermostat covers, oil coolers, suspension shock-absorvers...