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Lighting of our vehicle is one of the main security basis. This allows us to obtein the maximum amount of information about the surroundings in those moments when we do not have visibility. Because that, we should pay attention to the maintenance in order to guarantee lighting is running correctly.

For the maintenance, differents actions can be done such as correct the lamps tuning or polishing them. Also, we have car bulbs replacements for all kind of lights. Car bulbs are very important, as they often fails and they should be changed inmediately.

How to choose the lights for my car?

In first place, we should know the kind of lights our car has, to get the replacement that fits well. Specifications for each bulb are different. For example, H1, H4 or H7 have asimilar connections. Because that, we must choose the right bulb.

In Veramauto, we have lights and bulbs LED and XENON for your car. You can find in our site web headlamps, rear , brake and anti-fogs lamps as well as halogen, LED and Xenon lights for the main car brands.