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Green Pruning Shears | One Handed Use | 8" | Teflon Coated Steel Blade

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Product Description:

Pruning shears with aluminium handle and Teflon coated blade. With integrated shock absorbing buffers and built-in high quality spring. The superior quality non-slip handle has a unique and durable design to give superior comfort.

USES: Collector pruning shears are suitable for cutting light stems and branches. Suitable for both domestic and professional use. This tool is perfect for conditioning and cleaning work in gardening, agriculture and horticulture.

DETAILS: The integrated shock absorbing stop allows easy and fatigue-free work.



Other Specifications:

Its 8" steel blade is coated with high quality Teflon, guaranteeing an efficient, smooth and clean cut. This scissor allows for optimised physical effort

Forged blades for increased hardness and thinner blades for greater penetration.

Very useful tool for agricultural and gardening work | Ideal for pruning small plants and bushes | Cleaning | Can also be used for harvesting other types of fruit.

Pruning shears : Pruning shears : Pruning shears : Pruning shears





8" Size

Total Weight: 150gr

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