Pasta Lavamanos profesional CARAMBA
  • Pasta Lavamanos profesional CARAMBA

Handwashing Profesional Plasticene Caramba

VAT included


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Specific cleaner to eliminate grease and dirt from hands. Essential for garages.

It washes leaving a nice fragrance at the same time glicerine softs the skin.

500ml jar

Product recommended for garages, factories, gas stations and working places. High clean power using abrasive plastics incorporated in the formula with low agresivity for the skin.

Thanks to its method this plasticene does not melt in summer nor become thicker in winter.

This seal avoid this product to be manipulated before use.

How to use:

Apply on dry hands, rub and wet with water. After this, continue to rub until total elimination of dirty. Rinse and dry.

Respectul with the environment.

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Multibrands accessories
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