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Laminated drill bit set | HSS DIN 338 | Bohrcraft | 19 pcs.

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Product Description:

Laminated drill bit set | HSS DIN 338 | Bohrcraft | 19 pcs.

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Other Specifications:

ABS plastic case with laminated twist drills.


laminated twist drills : HSS DIN 338


1.0mm length 34mm.
1.5mm length 40mm.
2.0mm length 49mm.
2.5mm length 57mm.
3.0mm length 61mm.
3.5mm length 70mm.
4.0mm length 75mm.
4.5mm length 80mm.
5.0mm length 86mm.
5.5mm length 93mm.
6.0mm length 93mm.
6.5mm length 101mm.
7.0mm length 109mm.
7.5mm length 109mm.
8.0mm length 117mm.
8.5mm length 117mm.
9.0mm length 125mm.
9.5mm length 125mm.
10.0mm length 133mm.

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